PMS / Augmented Reality Exhibition

Curation by Meltem Sahin

The exhibition features the work of 19 artists as they share their perspectives on premenstrual syndrome. Self-identifying as an enhanced-reality exhibition with an emphasis on utilizing GIFs, attendees are able to download an app and interact with the various works in a unique, personal way. Artists from the USA, China, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Turkey include Aimee Chang, Aylin Ohri, Aditi Damle, Cansu Topaloğlu, Cinyee Chiu, Ece Zeber, Ece Çiftçi, Elif Demir, Emily Joynton, İdil Ar, Işık Dikmen, Maily Degnan, Meltem Şahin, Mengyang Wang, Merve Atılgan, Nurbanu Asena, Qieer Wang, Sena Kwon, and Yiran Guo.

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