Did you know the story behind the double-helix structure of the DNA? How about the party Stephen Hawking hosted for time travellers in 2009?  How many people showed up? 

Where is the dedicated corner of Winnie the Pooh is hidden?

Discover the history and research in Cambridge through AR

Cambridge University has been a home to inspiring stories and life changing discoveries. Why not discover them through a lens of creativity, right at the heart of where it happened. Cambridge AR trail takes you to a portal of creativity where imagination blends with current and historic research. 
The AR trail is a collection of 7 stories placed across the Cambridge’s city centre. 

This free AR App is a collaboration between Nunulanka Studios and Spot D  and funded by Cambridge Festival 2024 (https://www.festival.cam.ac.uk/). You can download it from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. 

Featuring 7 Augmented Reality experiences across Cambridge City Centre: 

- Breast Cancer Research Sculpture
- A.A. Milne’s Pooh Corner
- Hawking’s Time Traveler Party
- DNA Sculpture
- Anthropology by Children 
- Stem Cells to Human Embryo Models
- Brain Waves Discovery

Here's a little video of how the trail worked on site. 

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