Several years ago, when I realized that I’d overcome an insecurity problem, I wanted to create an animated short film about my enlightening. I felt the urge to explain that ‘insecurity’ is an invisible wall created by the individual and the moment you start to ‘see’ the wall - meaning you accept yourself as is - it slowly disappears. After sharing my story with friends, I came to realise that this is a familiar feeling in most people’s lives, yet no one discusses it openly in public. As a conclusion, I interviewed 11 people about their ‘self-doubts’ and picked four stories to be animated into a short film.

Invisible Walls: Tales of Insecurity

Görünmez Duvarlarım: Kendine Güvensizlik Hikayeleri

7:30' min. Short Animated Documentary Animation, 2016

*Currently in Festival Curcuit

Art direction by Dilara Polat

Art direction by Nurbanu Asena

Art direction by Matias Berneman

Art direction by Çağıl Harmandar


Identity, language, sexual orientation, opinion – factors that generate invisible walls between people.
Four different characters share their stories about confidence and insecurity.

İlhan, once lost his trust over society explains the origins of his habit of ‘analysing people’. Aylin feels ‘stuck’ when speaking in English. Batuhan talks about learning to show his ‘true-self’ and Ayşe shares her thoughts about comparing herself to the ‘others’. While watching their intriguing and sincere stories, insecurity in us giggles with it’s ever presence and we wonder how and when we implanted that feeling in our lives.


Director: Nurbanu Asena
Producer: Nurbanu Asena - Berat Ilk
Editor: Murathan Sirakaya

Production Partners: Canlandıranlar Talent Camp, ATÖLYE İstanbul

Chapter Artists (Illustrators) :
Dilara Polat
Matias Berneman
Nurbanu Asena
Cagil Harmandar

Nurbanu Asena
Cagil Harmandar

Sound: Candas Erdener
Music: Damla Pehlevan

Production Partners:

About Canlandiranlar Talent Camp

Directors who want to make their animated shorts send their project to the selection
of Canlandıranlar Talent Camp. The accepted projects are followed for an entire
year throughout all stages of production: scriptwriting, storyboard, production, sound,
music. Professional consultants are called to give advice, production companies
give technical support at various stages. At the end, the short films are presented at
a Gala evening of the Canlandıranlar Film Festival. Subsequently films are sent to
international festivals.

Canlandıranlar Talent campus is supported by: İstanbul Bilgi University, Bahçeşehir
University, Eskişehir Anatolian University, Mimar Sinan University and production
companies such as Sinefekt, Anima, Canlandırma Service and Dirty Cheap Creative.

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About the Film

Currently we don't have a trailer, and trying to dub it into English before putting it online for everyone to watch it after the festival circuit is completed. 

Please feel free to drop a line to tell us your comments if you have seen it in the festivals!

Upcoming Screenings: 

19 September - LONDON : Shorts on Tap 

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