Augmented Reality Sketches by Adobe Aero

Recently, I've been experimenting with Augmented Reality through Adobe's Aero App. This experimentations are motivated by the spur in the moment ideas and the simplicity of using Aero on my Ipad. I consider them AR sketches. Some hide mini stories, some are technical experiments and others are purely for fun! They led my way into doing an online AR Residency at Adobe Aero

Please note that these are meant to be quick, free flowing and fun idea explorations, therefore they are not polished. 

Emotions Come

This sketch is a personal one. When I'm filled with emotions, it feels so good to cry and let them out. I feel like my emotions shrink as I cry. In this piece, as you approach the lady with emotions, she starts to cry. As you approach more into her emotions, you’ll let them shrink and eventually she feels relieved and stops crying. 

Shy Sea Shells

My AR sea shells were inspired by their natural counterparts. As a child, I used to love collecting sea shells from this beach in Bodrum, Turkey. Sometimes I would find a living creature and they were usually shy, closing their shells the moment I touch them. My AR sea shells first shy out from an approaching interaction but then they grow in size to mesmerize you with their elegant design. 

Giggling Sea Shells

Giggling Sea Shells was an experiment to discover unusual characters from less active sea creatures. 

Created and filmed in Bodrum, Turkey 2020. 

Location Inspired AR 

In this section, I tried a few storytelling sketches where I tried to merge the history of the location with today's world through using my imagination and a bit of AR. 

Stephen Hawking's Time Travelers Party! 

Did you know that Stephen Hawking organised a full cocktail party with champaign and everything for time travellers in 2009! Only he published the invitations with the press the day after he hosted the party! You can imagine no one showed up for his party... It was a part of an experiment where he claimed time travel is not possible. 
On my end, I really enjoyed this information and recreated the party in AR ! Music: Beat it by timeless Michael Jackson

Eagle's DNA

Did you know the exciting history behind Eagle Bar in Cambridge?

When Cambridge University's Cavendish Laboratory was still at its old site at nearby Free School Lane, the pub was a popular lunch destination for staff working there. Thus, it became the place where Francis Crick interrupted patrons' lunchtime on 28 February 1953 to announce that he and James Watson had "discovered the secret of life" after they had come up with their proposal for the structure of DNA.The anecdote is related in Watson's book The Double Helix, and is commemorated on a blue plaque next to the entrance, and two plaques in the middle room by the table where Crick and Watson lunched regularly. Today the pub serves a special ale to commemorate the discovery, dubbed "Eagle's DNA". (Taken from Wikipedia)

A poem from AA. Milne 

Here’s a little poem by AA.Milne from his first book, When We Were Very Young. I’m a fan of him ever since: he is the creator of the Pooh Bear AND he studied in Cambridge. Also we share the same birthday - January 18th! 

Music: Bill Laurance - December in New York

Anıtkabir - Memorandum of Ataturk

Istikbal Goklerdedir. 
The future is in the skies. - M.Kemal Ataturk. 

This piece is made as a memorial to M.Kemal Ataturk - the founder of Turkish Republic. The horse represents the Turkish nation and white doves are a representation of their will and freedom of owning the republic. 

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