Pablo (documentary 2012) 

directed by Richard Goldgewicht

About the film: 

Pablo blends documentary and animation elements to tell the saga of "famous unknown" Pablo Ferro, a man with a personal journey that spans from Havana, during the pre-Cuban revolution to his current home, in the garage behind his son's house. The animation part of the film takes us through the dream-scape of Pablo's memories, while the documentary footage chronicles a very eccentric lifestyle of a 72 year old artist, once hailed by Stanley Kubrick as the father of the sixties look and the MTV aesthetics.

The film has premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival. You can take a look at it's Facebook page for further information. Please check IMDB for full credits

About Nurbanu's role: 

I have created 20 minutes of animation for Pablo's history. Below are some examples from the backgrounds I have designed. You can take a look at the trailer of the film below.

Please watch the trailer on Youtube

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