Ozmoz, an exhibition game where 2D illustrations turn into 3D worlds! 

Ozmoz (Osmosis) is a brand-new interactive exhibition experience that transfers you from the world of illustration to the world of gaming. It is an audiovisual labyrinth where 23 illustrations from famstore°s new collection are turned into 3D rooms. Participants must discover a way out from each room while exploring the colorful worlds that they enter.

Exhibition link : famstore.co/en/ozmoz

ios app link: https://apple.co/2AHwFGU

google play link: https://bit.ly/3ew8aeG

Each illustration displayed in Ozmoz is also available to purchase at famstore.co.

I am a free soul,
colorful, bold
intricate and deep.

Do not try to
Contain me
Degrade me
Mistake me as a
I am 
a woman. 

My flesh is earth
My heart is sun
My shoulders
can hold mountains 
and my breasts
pour abundance.

I am a woman
a Wild one.

- Nurbanu Asena / May 2020

You can watch a brief experience of the exhibition on the video below. 

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